If you have any further questions about these services, please do not hesitate to call or email me.

As a doula, I aim to help empower and support women through all aspects of pregnancy and birth. My services also include being with women through tough times – such as miscarriage, stillbirth, and abortion – when they may need support the most.


With these services, I will provide emotional support by being there to listen to your thoughts, feelings, and concerns. If you have nothing to say and you’d still like me there, I will happily sit silently next to you without need of explanation. I also provide physical support in the forms of light cleaning, some food prep in the forms of heating up meals and making sure everyone is fed, some care for children (finding sitters, etc.), finding a dog walker or pet sitter, encouraging emotional and physical connection with partners, and signposting for any other information or further help required.


Postnatal Journey

Postnatal Journey



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