£15 an hour

This package includes 20 hours of postnatal care, spread through days, weeks, and beyond, depending on your needs, in which I will provide help in areas you see fit.


This can include feeding support, light housework, food prep in the form of heating up meals and getting everyone fed, some help with older children (finding sitters and short spurts of preoccupation), and help finding a dog walker or pet sitter.


I will also provide emotional support by being there to listen to your thoughts, feelings, and concerns. If you have nothing to say and you’d still like me there, I will happily sit silently next to you without need of explanation.


Another important aspect of postnatal visits is to encourage time for partners to share their thoughts and emotions with one another. I can help with this by making sure there is uninterrupted time to connect, emotionally and physically, with or without your newborn.




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